Access Audit

Access Audit

Reception - Ground Floor

  • Access to the Foyer and Main Reception area from the front Hotel car park is up three steps, with a portable ramp section available upon request.  The remainder of the entrance is level through a pair of “push and pull” glass doors.  The doorbell is situated to the right-hand side of the entrance, should a guest require assistance in negotiating the doors, which, in cold weather, may be closed.  Although not heavy doors, it is recognised that a wheelchair client may not be able to negotiate the opening of the doors without assistance from the Porters.
  • Once inside the Hotel, all main public areas are on the level, with wide doors throughout.
  • Seating is available in the Foyer for clients to rest whilst checking-in at Reception.
  • We would advise Guests requiring wheelchair usage on a regular basis to supply their own chair.



Lounges - Ground Floor

  • One main lounge extend from the Foyer; with direct access through electronically secured-back Fire Doors and one Lounge wooden-framed glass Fire Door, which pushes open.
  • Seating is extensive and full access to all tables is achievable by standard wheelchairs.

Main Hotel Restaurant & Bar - Ground Floor

  • Wide doors give access to the Restaurant & Bar with 80 seats, which is also a banqueting room with many varied uses.
  • Seating close to the entrance may be requested to save a lengthy walk and all tables are fully accessible. Please indicate on booking, your requirements.
  • Access to the Bar area from the restaurant floor is up one step.
  • All seating in the Bar area is tall bar stools situated around the walls of the bar area and centre table.
  • Table service is provided and should you wish to remain in the Lounges or restaurant, then table service can be provided to you.
  • Dietary requirements can in most cases be fully met, but we would ask that specific needs are communicated to us in advance when booking, should we need to cater for a diet outside of our normal range.  Full Vegetarian choices are always available.
  • Should you require meals to be served in your room due to illness or inability to attend in the main Restaurant, please contact Reception or the Duty Manager, who will ensure you are served in your room.
  • Menus can be read to guests at the table or sent up to rooms prior to meals, in order to assist guests’ ability to choose.
  • Regrettably, we do not supply a Braille service.

Public Toilets - Lower Ground Floor

  • Public Toilets are located on the lower ground floor and are easily accessible via the hotel lift.
  • The doors to the toilets can be accessed using standard sized wheelchairs, however, regrettably large chairs and powered chairs cannot navigate through.

Leisure Facilities – Lower Ground

Due to the style of construction of the Hotel, access to our Indoor Swimming Pool is somewhat restricted by steps from out lower ground floor, help can be provided with these steps if requested. The other areas that are somewhat restricted to wheelchair access is the outdoor pool and tennis courts due to the incline of the pathway. Again assistance can be provided upon request.


  • Access to the three floors of Hotel accommodation is via a main staircase and one lift.
  • The Hotel is aware that certain models of powered chair can be large and lengthy, so we draw your attention to the following lift measurements:
    • Lift 1  Dimensions:
      • Door Opening:                                  85 cm
      • Area of Floor:                                   90 cm x 120 cm
      • Floor to Top Control Button:     120cm.
  • Floor indicator buttons within the lifts are at the standard level and an audible level indicator as well.
  • Access to all rooms on all floors is, in certain areas, restricted, with small steps, changes of levels and, in a few cases, corridor-turning areas, which may restrict certain wheelchairs.
  • Reception or Reservations will be happy to correctly allocate rooms, as soon as they are made aware of guest requirements.  We would ask that requests are made at the enquiry stage as to the availability of our more easily accessible rooms.
  • Being a traditional building, we have a large number of differing room types, with their own peculiarities and features, which are known by our Housekeeping staff and Reservations.  This includes Fire Doors and structural features that may prove to be a barrier to certain clientele and internal room layouts that may not be helpful for certain disabilities.
  • All of our superior sea view rooms and junior suites have walk-in showers and are lift accessible, however, only a small number of our classic Inland facing rooms have a separate walk-in showers.

We are always happy to talk with clientele and discuss specific room requirements, as we are fully aware that there are many variations of needs.

It is fair to say that we do not have any real experience of motorised wheelchairs and our lifts are the first barrier that excludes them, dependent upon the style of vehicle.  Other guests do transfer from larger wheelchairs to a smaller portable chair.

Night Security / Health & Safety

  • We keep a record of all guests notified with particular disabilities, in the event of any emergency or evacuation. A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan will be filled in at check-in for any guests with a notified disability.
  • Night Porters hold details on guests with hearing difficulties, sight difficulties and movement restrictions, in order that they may provide assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • Guests are encouraged to ring down to Reception for assistance at any time, when we shall respond straight away.

Medical Assistance

  • Torbay operates a Medical Doctor Callout operation, called the “Bay Doctor”.
  • Reception can give you access to this facility, whereby you can talk to the service, and on-site response can be obtained, if required.