The Hesketh Gym COVID Procedures

  • The gym has been taped off to have 2 metre workout bubbles in which only one piece of equipment may be used at any one time. We ask that equipment is not moved from its designated workout bubble to adhere to social distancing.
  • We ask that all members wipe down any equipment with our sanitising solution before and after use with the cleaning equipment provided, do not use personal towels.
  • The gym will be running on a one-in-one-out system once maximum capacity has been reached (12). Gym members will be entitled to a minimum of a 1 hour workout to adhere to this procedure.
  • A waiting area will be available to gym members once capacity has been reached.
  • The changing rooms and showers to the gym will be closed to all. Please come dressed for your workout. We recommend those using the gym, shower before and after their workout in their own residence.
  • Gym members will not need to wear masks when working out however we ask that they are worn in other public areas of the hotel including reception for temperature checks.
  • We will open windows to allow as much ventilation into the gym as possible.